Involve yourself in extracurricular activities!

In a student union of all sizes there are a large number of individuals who work daily to make life at university a bit more fun for other students, a little more rewarding and above all, working towards creating fond memories for their fellow students. In all of Scandinavia there are a lot of people who do voluntary work, which is very apparent at universities. There are lots of student unions and various organizations which is an absolutely amazing thing. The rich student life is often taken for granted, but the work behind it rarely raises attention.


Becoming engaged in a student union or project is in my opinion among the best and most enjoyable things you can do. In addition to learning more about yourself, finding your skills and having a lot of fun, you also help create a great experience for your fellow students. There are many different ways to involve yourself in student life, ranging from local projects to national and all the way up to an international level. I’d say the most important thing is to believe in yourself, take a leap of faith and by doing so you’ll not only grow as a person – you’ll have a lot of fun as well.


Voluntary work also carries great importance for your future. You may not get paid for all the hours you put in, but the experience that you gain from it will be credible when you’re applying for your first job. Many employers and recruiters consider it a big plus that one has been involved in extracurricular activities during their time at university or college.


When i speak to different alumni, many claim that it was thanks to their involvement in student unions that they got their first job post graduation. The personal network that they built at conferences and other events has kickstarted their careers. This is something amazing. Students create meeting places for other students where they are able to meet their potential future employer, best friend or business partner.


The best part about student unions is that they provide their members with various projects for them to involve themselves in. And the best part about all these projects is that there’s always something for you to do. And by involving yourself you can get better at whatever your passion is, whether it be marketing, education or project planning, you name it! No matter what your passion is, I guarantee that you will find something that suits your interests.


Thanks to my own involvement in my local student union, where it all began for me. I’ve moved up to work on a national level, and thanks to that I’ve gain lots of life experiences, expanded my personal network and most importantly… I’ve made friends for life.


Amos Friedman


Sveriges Ekonomföreningars Riksorganisation (Swedish National Business and Economics Association)




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